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The food tech revolution is here. Plant-protein is leading the much-needed transformation in agriculture and we are plant's ally as we work to disrupt the current food system and mark the beginning of the post-animal agriculture era.

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The Future
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We have changed the game.

We pioneered the best tasting
artisanal vegan cheese, now
we are creating the new wave
of vegan products.

Building the
Future of Food

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Building Brands

Cheese is a
Growing Market

The U.S. retail plant-basedfood market grew 27.1%, almosttwice the rate of the total retailfood market.
Plant-based dairy categoriesin aggregate grew by 24 percentto $4.4 billion.
Plant-based milk, the largestof all the plant-based foodcategories, grew by 20%.At $2.5 billion, it now makesup 35% of all plant-basedfood sales.

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63% of millennials are trying to incorporate plant-based foods into their diet.

Plant-based foods are now in 53% of households.

The trend towards a meat-reduced diet is largely being driven by young people, who in
turn are inspiring the flanking generations Y, Z and boomers to adopt change.

Consumer Insights. (2021). Good Food Institute.
Shirvell, B. S. (2019, September 9). More Than 50% Of Millennials Trying To Incorporate Plant-Based Foods Into Their Diet.

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